Love in Action (Ministry)

As an organisation founded on Isaiah 54, we believe that God desires for His people to rejoice knowing that there is a better future ahead and the current ‘status quo’ is not the final destination. This Scripture gave co-founders Michael and Christine a personal promise and instruction.

It instructed them to “Spread out! Think big!” and declared that they are “going to need lots of elbow room for the growing family”. With a focus on “not being afraid” and “not holding back” it is this promise that we believe in and without reservation, openly take to the people.

That is why, regardless of religion, tribe or status, the House of Hope Africa doors are always open to those who need to just sit and be cared for emotionally, spiritually and prayerfully. As a result, we see ongoing testimonies unfolding of women, children, men and families being healed, restored and transformed through the love that Jesus gives and the relationship He freely offers!