Michael & Christine

IMG_3195Co-founders Michael and Christine Mesiti established House of Hope Africa with the vision of taking the love of Christ to people in impoverished areas throughout Africa in a hands on and practical way.

After relocating from Perth, Australia to Lusaka, Zambia in 2014, Michael and Christine were invited to meet with some elders and families living in a local compound. Following this meeting, they were welcomed back a second, third and fourth time, and now they not only attend the compound, but facilitate support through a number of community based programs.

Believing that relationships are key to everything in life, Michael and Christine have been working to establish connections pivotal in supporting the establishment of a sustainable not for profit organisation. The goal – to advocate for and empower communities. Mixed with over 31 years combined experience working in child protection, community services and hands on work in the missions field, these relationships and connections have resulted in House of Hope Africa being born in 2016.

Here is a note from the founders….

Thank you for taking the time to check out House of Hope Africa. We truly believe that together we can do more and House of Hope Africa is the conduit for you, us and the community to turn the mandate, “love others” into an action.

In our ‘walk’, we have seen so many people simply depleted from the struggle that has become life for them. Whether through poverty, sickness or family breakdowns, they have arrived at a place where there seems to be no hope and they just can’t go on.

What we have found however, is that if you help someone see that there is hope in their day, in their future and for their children – that is the seed for change to begin. Talking about hope can motivate people but House of Hope Africa empowers them to get up and go again. Keep moving forward into all that God destines them to be. And that is why we do what we do!

We look forward to partnering with you as “together we can do more”.

Michael and Christine Mesiti