Educare Africa

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’  – Nelson Mandela

Due to the effects of poverty, a high number of children do not attend school as they are forced to work to provide food for themselves and their family. As a result of this harsh daily reality, multitudes of children are left hungry, sick, exhausted and often abandoned to fend for themselves.

SImply put, educating a child who is hungry, sick and exhausted is not a recipe for a better tomorrow, so mixed with the belief that a child’s future is shaped by the education and knowledge that they receive, House of Hope Africa created Educare Africa An initiative that was birthed to unleash unfulfilled potential and create opportunity.

The program works with the most vulnerable of children who have never been to school (and their families), so that they not only receive the basic right to education, but are also strengthened through the provision of a daily nutritional feeding program, regular onsite doctor visits and the chance; the chance to change their present circumstance to a destiny that they deserve and are so ready to embrace.

With early childhood (3 – 6 years), preparation (7 – 15 years), tutoring (all ages), skills based training and adult learning (16 years and over) on offer, Educare Africa is breaking barriers to generational change and ensuring House of Hope Africa continues to empower a nation through education!